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Welcome to the CCPU

Welcome to the CCPU Health Care Fund!

We’re helping child care providers in California pay for health care expenses.

Am I Eligible for CCPU Healthcare Reimbursement Fund Benefits?

Our Eligibility Questionnaire will help you determine if you meet the requirements to apply for benefits.

There are over 3,000+ child care providers in California utilizing CCPU, see what they have to say.

The Health Care Fund came at a very important point in my life. The last day of the year, that’s the day that I was told I was positive for cancer. Financially, I was not prepared. But I made it work. Health Care Fund came to my rescue. They supported me and they provided me with the financial assistance that I was able to carry through my whole entire treatment last year.

Carmen Figueroa, Child Care Provider

I suffer many pains in my legs, sometimes I need to use a cane. I noticed I needed more resources in order to attend to my health. The Health Care Fund helped me because it gave me access to go to the doctor, and I could get my pain and inflammation medication. I would like all the providers to be a part of this because it was a benefit that we did not have before that we have now.

Alicia Turner, Child Care Provider

I just want to encourage all providers: if you think you may not qualify, go apply anyway. If you’re not quite sure, apply anyway. If you need help applying, call and get some help. There’s somebody there to help you. I was approved for the Health Care Fund and I’m so appreciative of it, so I want to encourage all providers to please apply for CCPU Health Care Fund.

Deborah Corley-Marzett, Child Care Provider

In my case, I injured my shoulder picking up a kid. I had to get surgery and then I started to notice that my knee was also in pain. Before, I will worry about saving money. Right now, it’s medical emergencies. But now my life has changed and now I am at peace. I feel happy and safe to continue to do my job, do what I love. I am at peace knowing that I have access to a fund for me as well as my colleagues.

Martha Anguiano, Child Care Provider

The CCPU Health Care Fund greatly benefited me because I used to depend on my husband’s insurance. Since I applied to Covered California to get insurance for myself, I now use the card to make my monthly payments and pay the fees of my medical appointments. I had peace of mind, as I knew that all my medical expenses were covered by the health fund of CCPU, our union.

Patricia Moran, CCPU Trustee

Am I eligible for CCPU Heathcare Reimbursement Fund benefits?

Answer these simple questions to determine your potential program eligibility.

To complete your application online, you’ll need proof of coverage for your health plan (a document showing your name as the policyholder, the name of your insurance plan, the coverage period, and the amount you pay for coverage).

If you don’t have an account for the CCPU Health Care Fund portal, you can sign up now with your email address and mobile phone number.

Questions? Call (833) 714-6028 or email [email protected].