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Dental and Vision Benefits

MetLife has created a website just for CCPU Health Care Fund providers.

Dental and Vision Coverage Starting July 1

The Trustees of the CCPU Health Care Fund are proud to announce that eligible providers will receive dental and vision coverage starting July 1, 2024, at no cost to you!

What You Need to Know

The Trustees are partnering with MetLife to offer dental and vision coverage to child care providers already enrolled in the CCPU Health Care Fund. You will receive more information, including ID cards, in the mail from MetLife. Please make sure to read it.

For both types of coverage, we worked hard to be able to offer providers comprehensive benefits that provide you with the care you need and minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

Providers who are enrolled in CCPU Health Care Fund benefits can start using these new benefits on July 1!

What You Need to Do

You don’t need to do anything. Since you’re already enrolled in the Fund’s medical Reimbursement Program, you’ll get these new benefits automatically! Please note that these benefits are for providers only. They are not being offered to dependents.

If you’re not enrolled in our FREE benefits, enroll today!

How to Get More Information

MetLife has created a website just for CCPU Health Care Fund providers. There’s a free app, too! To get started, you’ll need to register on the website or the app. There are instructions for registering on the website and in the materials that you get from MetLife.

  • Website:
  • Mobile App: Download the free MetLife US Mobile app on your mobile device
  • Phone Numbers:
    • Dental: 800-GET-MET8 (800-438-6388)
    • Vision: 855-MET-EYE1 (855-638-3931)



Dental and Vision Benefits FAQs

When will Dental and Vision benefits be available?

Dental and Vision benefits with be available this summer! The tentative start date is July 1, 2024.

Who will be the dental and vision carrier?


What are the benefits I will receive for dental and vision?

Visit the website that MetLife set up for CCPU providers for more information. The address is

How can I get more information about the dental and vision benefits?

MetLife has set up a site just for CCPU providers. You can visit the site, use the free MetLife app, or call MetLife for more information. Here’s how:

  •  Website:
  • Mobile App: Download the free MetLife US Mobile app on your mobile device.
  • Phone Numbers
    • Dental: 800-GET-MET8 (800-438-6388)
    • Vision: 855-MET-EYE1 (855-638-3931)
Do I need to apply for dental or vision benefits?

If you are already enrolled in the CCPU Health Care Fund’s Reimbursement Program, you don’t need to do anything. You will be enrolled in dental and vision benefits automatically. If you’re not already enrolled, we encourage you to enroll today.

Is there a cost associated with Dental and Vision benefits?

All CCPU Health Care Fund benefits are FREE for providers!

Do these benefits cover spouse and/or dependents?

No. CCPU Health Care Fund benefits are for childcare providers only and do not extend to family of providers.

Can I choose between the DHMO or DPPO plans for dental?

No. Plans are assigned based on where you live.

Do I need to submit claims for dental and vision benefits?

If you go to an in-network provider, you do not need to submit a claim form. Your provider will take care of that. If you go to an out-of-network provider, you may need to pay up front and then submit a claim to MetLife for reimbursement.

Can I use my CCPU Healthcare Reimbursement debit cards to pay for my dental or vision out-of-pocket costs?

No. The CCPU debit card is only eligible for medical reimbursements. Dental and vision out-of-pocket expenses are not eligible. However, there is an exception if you have permissible expense benefits because you are covered by Medi-Cal or Medi-Medi.

What if I already have dental and/or vision coverage? Do I have to cancel one?

No. You do not need to cancel your other coverage unless you wish to. You can keep your current coverage and add CCPU Health Care Fund dental and vision coverage, This will reduce you’re your out-of-pocket expenses even more. You are allowed to have two dental or two vision insurance coverages.

Am I eligible for CCPU Heathcare Reimbursement Fund benefits?

Answer these simple questions to determine your potential program eligibility.

CCPU Health Care Fund

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To complete your application online, you’ll need proof of coverage for your health plan (a document showing your name as the policyholder, the name of your insurance plan, the coverage period, and the amount you pay for coverage).

If you don’t have an account for the CCPU Health Care Fund portal, you can sign up now with your email address and mobile phone number.

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