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About the Program

California providers can receive free money from the Child Care Providers United (CCPU) Health Care Fund to help with medical expenses.

About the Program

How the Health Care Fund Works

The CCPU Health Care Fund works with the health insurance you already have (or that you enroll in) and reimburses you for your out-of-pocket costs like doctor visit copays, prescription drug copays, and in most cases, the monthly premiums.

The Fund does not replace your health insurance. In fact, to be eligible for Fund benefits, you must be enrolled in a qualified health insurance plan. Fund benefits can only be used to reimburse your own expenses—you can’t be reimbursed for your family members’ expenses.

How We Got Started

In 2022, CCPU won $100 million annually from the state of California to help eligible child care providers like you reduce or eliminate their health care costs. These benefits are available to both union and nonunion child care providers throughout California.

The CCPU Health Care Fund is a health care trust governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is appointed by CCPU with representatives from SEIU Local 521, SEIU Local 99, and the United Domestic Workers/AFSCME Local 3930.

Am I eligible for CCPU Heathcare Reimbursement Fund benefits?

Answer these simple questions to determine your potential program eligibility.

CCPU Health Care Fund

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To complete your application online, you’ll need proof of coverage for your health plan (a document showing your name as the policyholder, the name of your insurance plan, the coverage period, and the amount you pay for coverage).

If you don’t have an account for the CCPU Health Care Fund portal, you can sign up now with your email address and mobile phone number.

Questions? Call (833) 714-6028 or email [email protected].